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About Me

"Why not the best?"
– President Jimmy Carter

Dr. Michael L. Silverman

 Dr. Michael Silverman is a licensed Psychologist and Organizational Educator/Agent of Change.  Dr. Silverman specializes in relationship problem solving (organizational, couple, and parent-child), anxiety, depression, and reactivity issues. He has helped individuals and groups of all ages.

Dr. Silverman has developed interventions and programs to help people overcome performance and social discomfort for greater personal and professional effectiveness. His strategies, understanding and sensitivity have helped individuals and groups move to successful change.

Managers...Learn how to manage your subordinates and your bosses too.

Couples... Learn how to communicate and perform to promote intimacy.

Parents... Learn how to manage and relate to your children sensitively and effectively.

Work Team Leaders... Learn to design and implement change plans to empower your dysfunctional  team.

Nervous Individuals... Learn how to overcome your nervousness and become a confident  performer.

Choose any communication or relationship problem .... 

I can help you solve it!

The Seven Key Principles of Authentic Coaching Services

1. Be willing to change and act to change and grow.
2. Choose to remove obstacles and change will come.
3. Stresses that disturb your work, home, health, and emotions will be relieved through open and honest communication.
4. Be aware of past successes and failures and expect success by acting optimistically.
5. Accept the consequences of and take responsibility for successes and failures in order to act positively now.
6. Work toward authentic dialogue through openness that builds trust and productivity.
7. Communicate to create an atmosphere of acceptance and genuineness.